The Sitting Bull

Every customized guitar has a unique story.
So this is my beloved old friend's.
With peace and love...


Little secrets behind the dressings.

The Story

From "Wanna Be" Strat to The Sitting Bull

The First Days

Metalheads' Legacy

The story started when my metal buddy Murat Tunç got a cheap far east made electric guitar at high school in the late 80s. Although Murat was a real metalhead, he was not patient enough to be guitar wizard. Copied from the Fender's legendary Strat model, Murat's Starforce 8000 started to travel among different guitar enthusiasts. There is a myth stating that this guitar was even played by a famous Turkish metal band in a gig.

A Precious Gift

Starting the "Face Off"

As moving to the USA for college education, Murat left the guitar to his best pal, fortunately me. Without considering the quality or other technical stuff I was more than happy to have my first electric guitar. I started to customize this special gift slowly through time changing the outfit and some parts like the magnetics with Seymour Duncan to get a decent sound.

Punk Resurrected


Customization got crazier than ever along with forming a punk band "KADIKOY IDMAN YURDU", featuring a line of original protest songs dealing with politics, football, modern life and relationships. Now reaching 30, The Sitting Bull keeps telling me "Maybe I was not the best guitar in your hands through all these years, but for sure I was the best friend in laughters and tears..." What a wise thing to say :)

Any Message For The Sitting Bull?

Just shoot and I will get the answer as soon as possible.